Adam and Selina

Adam with crystal ball

Adam & Selina Masters of Illusion, have captivated  audiences across the world in live performances and TV. They deliver spectacular illusions with style and sophistication that leave audiences amazed. 

Adam and Selina Murby are considered to be one of the most bright and upcoming magical /illusion stars in Australia today.  Based in Perth, WA, they are in regular high demand to deliver his modern, visual and dynamic shows for high profile companies, corporations and luxury cruise ships all around Australia and internationally.

A list of awards include ‘2006 Magician of the Year’, ‘2007 Australian National Award Winner’, ‘2008 Magic Slam Champion – Judges Award’, ‘2008 Magic Slam Champion – People’s Choice’, and ‘2008 Magician of the Year – People’s Choice Champion’.  Adam combines world-class sleight of hand magic with his charming, witty and cheeky personality to connect with audiences on a personal level - he isn't just an illusionist he's an entertainer.

From a small private cocktail function or a 2000 guest event with his full evening theatre illusion show - they create a sense of wonder, spark your imagination, amaze and mystify your senses, make you question what you thought was reality, create an amazing buzz of excitement around the room and have all of your guests remember the incredible illusionary experience for years to come!

From Europe to Las Vegas, Adam and Selina are the new breed of modern day illusionists that have captivated audiences across the world. They’ve become widely known for blending their modern showmanship, spectacular illusions and their slick performance style for audiences of the 21st Century. 

Close Up Roving
Add a touch of class to your event and witness world-class close-up illusion mixed with lots of skill, cheek and humour, in an experience that would normally only be seen on television!

Visual Illusion Show
Audiences will be on the edge of their seats, never knowing what’s coming next in this face paced and highly entertaining interactive illusion show that will blow everyone away!

Grand Illusion Show
For audiences that have seen it all! Witness dynamic, high impact and grand scale illusions that will take your audience on a roller-coaster ride that leaves audiences scratching their heads, gasping in disbelief and on the edge of their seats from beginning to end!

Theatre\Concert Illusion Show
Prepare the ultimate illusionary experience on the largest scale. A customised version of their full concert\theatre show where you will see Adam & Selina fly through the air, have motorbikes appear, melt through steel, disappear into thin air plus much more for your product launch or special event.

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