Noel Watson

Noel Watson

17/12/42 - 10/10/13 -  Noel's page remains here as a tribute to a genuine and talented musician. Noel's definitive style was often described as: "Good, Genuine Aussie Bloke With a Voice that'll pin your ears back".

Noel Watson first came to Australian public's notice in 1988, the Bicentennial year, with the rendition of"Waltzing Matilda" which he sang at the close of the "Australia Live - A celebration of a Nation" broadcast.

Noel has toured Australia extensively, singing his own brand of Australian music and telling his stories.He has supported overseas artist such as Charley Pride and Irish comedian Hal Roach, and has performed in Nashville, Bahrain, Brazil, Bali, Hong Kong and San Diego (Ansett).

He has performed for many of the bigger corporate clients and during 1995 was signed by Ansett Australia to appear in their television advertisements and perform at their corporate functions.

Regular television appearances on National television shows such as "The Midday Show" and "Good Morning Australia" brought Noel into the homes of thousands of Australians and he recorded seven albums. His last CD entitled "Banjo, Jim and Me" - is a collection of A.B. Patterson's works set to music. 


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