Jimmy Barnes

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Jimmy Barnes

Jimmy Barnes is a legend within the Australian music business.  

He's been there from the start.  He's arguably the most successful Australian rock and roll singer to date and with his band Cold Chisel, he can claim to have fronted Australia's most successful rock band.

Jimmy Barnes has been there and back.  He’s tasted glory as the most successful Australian rock and roll singer, he’s also struggled with the pressures of being a tall poppy and he’s wrestled with his own demons.  It’s been a wild ride.  Now it’s getting interesting.

From the start in the ‘70’s, with band Cold Chisel at the age of 16, Jimmy was a star!  Since the end of Cold Chisel in the ‘80’s and beginning his solo career Jimmy has been going full bore – writing, recording, touring – without a break. 

The last thirty years have led to this point, Jimmy Barnes has developed his music, be it raw rock and roll, soul or country he is the complete portrait of a multi-faceted artist and an Australian Icon.

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