Tony Saunders

A Tony Saunders
 B Tony Saunders

Having worked in the entertainment industry for more than 20 years now, Tony has been able to dazzle and delight hundreds of people with his sleight of hand magic, and with a wonderfully bright personality, he wins his audience over as soon as he meets them. 

As well as the expected card, rope and coin magic, Tony also uses many unexpected props that can put a smile on the face of the biggest cynics.  Tony’s skills have taken him abroad to many countries, and enabled him to do what he loves doing as a full time occupation – he must be doing something right!  Tony's performance includes comedy, juggling, fire juggling, fire eating, balloon sculpturing, magic.

Sparkles the Clown 

Tony knows what makes children laugh. He has been working with them for over twenty-five years, with beginnings as a swimming teacher and coach. He learned quickly that to get the best out of kids you had to have fun with them. Working for P&O on the cruise liners enabled him to use many of his other skills, such as magic and music, to put a show together that proved to be a winner straight away. Over the years he has finely tuned this show to contain the best mix of professional magic, good enough to fool any age audience, and great laughs to make children want to see it over and over again. Anyone who watches the show can see that Tony enjoys performing as much as the children love to watch. As well as performing live, Tony has published children’s short stories and produced a CD of children’s songs. You may have even seen him on such TV shows as ABC’s “Creature Features”. As you can see he lives and breathes this sort of thing - this is not a passing hobby!

Another of Tony's alter ego's...

Cool Dan the Cow Man

He is an all round entertainer. He’s able to entertain crowds of people whether they’re in a small hall or a large outdoor event with a show full of magic, songs and puppets.  His live show not only has the audience enthralled, but, through its totally interactive nature challenges the minds and imagination of both the young and old.  Because of his lovable cheeky character, Cool Dan takes his audience on a roller coaster ride of fun and laughter to create those unforgettable moments that only live entertainment can deliver.

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