Matthew Michalewicz

Matt Michelawicz

Matthew Michalewicz is a speaker, author and entrepeneur. He has true business credibility and success, with an established track record in starting business' from ground zero, growing them, and then selling them for tens of millions of dollars.

Matthew is a frequent guest on several TV programs, and he has been mentioned in magazines such as Time Magazine, New York Times, Newsweek and Forbes.

As the co-founder and CEO of SolveIT Sofware, Matthew grew the company from nothing to almost 180 employees and $20 million in revenue before he sold it. Matthew was also the co-founder and CEO of NuTech Solutions in the USA. He was able to raise $15 million in venture capital and the business expanded to almost 200 employees under his guidance. 

Matthew was the founder and operator of Fitness Forever, a personal training business, and later, the co-founder of CFG Investments, a money management and financial planning company with more than $150 million under management.

Matthew is the author of several books, including Life in Half a Second: How to achieve success before it's too late, Winning Credibility, Puzzle-Based Learning, and Adaptive Business Intelligence, and lectures at the University of Adelaide as a Visiting Fellow on the subject of technology commercialisation. 

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