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Australian architect, cricketer, football player, and renowned public speaker Max Walker is both witty and motivational.

A member of the Order of Australia, his presentation topics include generating ideas for change, demonstration and appearance skills, and learning how to sell oneself.

His unique careers have allowed him to work with people from all over the world, making him the ideal presenter and speaker for a variety of events.

Walker started out playing football for the Melbourne Football Club from 1967 to 1972, after which he moved on to playing cricket, participating in 70 first class games and 38 test games. His career in sports lead Walker to write 14 books, which together have sold over 1 million copies; titles include hilarious reads such as The Wit of Walker, How to Kiss a Crocodile, and How to Puzzle a Python. His illustrious sports career led him to being appointed as a member of the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre Trust by the Victorian Government.

Although decidedly athletic, Walker is actually a trained architect and worked as such for a decade. He is a Certified Speaking Professional and has presented in cities all over the world, including Rio de Janeiro, New York, London, Hong Kong, Orlando, Singapore, Hawaii, Bangkok, Dubai, Vancouver, Harare, Johannesburg, Tokyo, and Beijing.

In addition to this, he is also a well-known media personality. He hosted of Nine Network’s Wide World of Sports, appeared as a panellist on the popular show The Sunday Footy Show, and played a part in an advertisement for the Australian Pensioners Insurance Agency. Experienced and always well-received, Walker’s presentations are both motivating and enlightening.

Academically, Max Walker qualified from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology with a Fellowship Diploma of Architecture and practiced as an architect for 10 years. 

For 7 years Max Walker was Victorian Government appointed member of the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre Trust and has subsequently been made a Life Member.

His accreditation as a Certified Speaking Professional gives Max Walker an internationally recognised credential and places him in a select group of Australian Speakers who have reached this peak.

His pre-occupation with excellence is one of the defining reasons why Max continues to evolve and succeed and keep abreast of trends to keep his stories fresh, appealing and relevant.

He is well educated, well-travelled, an elite athlete, an extraordinary communicator and a successful businessman.
Max's experience, confidence, success in keeping abreast of trends and ability to deliver fresh, appealing and relevant stories takes the risk or “unknown quantity” from the speaker or MC equation.

Presentation Topics:

Life is a pitch
The art of pitching your self, your relationships, your business
The sex life of an idea
How to breed ideas, change and innovation
Maxxing your mouth
Presentation skills for the soul
Master of Ceremonies


"Outstanding corporate entertainment. Lively, witty and highly motivational. A true professional who captured the audience from beginning to end. Great value and will use again at earliest opportunity."
Mobil Australia

"Max was a brilliant speaker. Very professional, humorous and motivational. His use of information supplied by us was very much appreciated and his ability to insert it into his own material made it all the more interesting. It took very little encouragement for our guests to feel very comfortable speaking with him after his presentation. We were all sorry to see him leave."
Bi-Lo Pty Ltd

"Able to convey appropriate message across nationality barriers - not all our audience was Australian and therefore weren’t necessarily familiar with Max’s history. A great bloke!"
Nokia Telecommunications

"This year’s conference has been received and voted one of the best ever, and your contribution helped greatly to that success."

"Mr Walker was a great choice for the diverse audience. He appeared very enthusiastic about the function and was keen to attend, where he mixed very well."
Powercor Australia Ltd

"Max was very professional and friendly, he was a pleasure to work with and handled the responsibility of MC exceptionally well."
Wright Business Marketing

"Very professional - the consummate guest speaker - a story for every occasion. Ideally balanced presentation."
Newcastle Visitor and Convention Bureau

"Fast, well suited to the audience, intelligent and lovable!"
Honeywell Limited

“A dream to work with and the ultimate professional.  Max’s ability and willingness to go above and beyond the norm by mixing freely with guests and clients alike make his presentations something special.”
Leo Burnett Advertising

“Max was very easy going and terrific to deal with. His talk was just right for the occasion.”
ANZ-International Network

“His professionalism showed through with a calm acceptance of any changes to the running sheet or non appearance of finalists.  As M.C. he was able to keep the program progressing smoothly with his humorous ‘ad libs’ and strong direction on stage.”
Telstra Corporation Small Business Awards

“Did an excellent job under very trying circumstances.  I would recommend Max Walker strongly for any such activities.  Will strongly consider for future functions.”
Master Builders Association (NSW)

“Excellent.  Max was very well received by our audience.  He spoke from the heart with passion.”
Hoo Marketing Pty Ltd

“Max was humorous and just what the doctor ordered.  Very approachable and nothing too much trouble.”
The Age

“As for Max he was right on the mark. Max Walker was very entertaining and passionate in the way he delivered his presentation. He was very easy to communicate with and one of the nicest and most professional man to deal with. I was impressed in the way he took the time to find out about our audience and our needs prior to his presentation, which showed an element of care and responsibility. Thankyou for recommending Max it was obviously the right choice for the function we had .”
Australia Post

“Excellent.  Max is witty, entertaining and au fait with what's happening. He prepares well, and understands the relevant issues for the client. He uses humour well, and makes the event a happy, engaging, special time for everyone concerned.”
Landscape Industries Association

“Max was extremely well received by the delegates. He was extremely professional whilst at the same time lively and entertaining. We have a very well known delegate who attends for the social functions only and this is the first time he has ever attended a session, especially being the morning after a Gala Dinner. The reason was solely the presence of Max.”
Retirement Village Association (RVA)

“A sell out crowd. Max was very engaging and whilst humourous also delivered a very good message about achieving and living your dreams.”
Hume City Council

“Excellent. He engaged all of the group including international visitors. The international visitors will return home with this as the highlight of their visit to Australia. What was most impressive, as the organiser, was the time that Mr Walker put in to talk to people after the Dinner. He was genuinely a nice man and he made the evening a real hit.”
Australian Communications Authority (ACA)

“Excellent.  Max was the ideal MC for our event. He kept people enthralled with his stories and while he had their attention subtly introduced the business at hand which was often the promotion of sponsors.”

“Max mad a point of understanding what the awards were about, therefore he tailored his approach and selected appropriate stories. Absolutely great to work with.....he wanted to make the evening professional and enjoyable for all concerned.”
Australian Property Institute

“Max is a warm excitable person who was more than able to keep the crowd entertained.”
Solterbeck Travel Incentives

“Excellent. Max was a well rehearsed and polished speaker, he took the time to learn the ANZ values and his speech reflected such. He mingled well, posed for many photos and was a pleasure to deal with.”
ANZ- Business Banking

"I found Max an absolute pleasure to work with, a true professional.  Max was very focused on ensuring he met our requirements and went beyond the call to extend his hospitality to signing autographs, taking photos with our guests and also donating autographed books for us to give away! Max also welcomed the opportunity to work with Billy Birmingham, together they were a dynamic combination."
The Good Guys

"Max was a fantastic MC.  He ensured that the night ran really smoothly and he was very professional in every aspect of the night.   Max's presentation caught the attention of the crowd and throughout the night. His ability to link conversations and points of interest to his presentation gave the night continuity, and lots of laughs."
Wollongong Council

“Max is a fabulous communicator and captured our audiences attention with ease.  As soon as he begun speaking, his charisma and energy brought about a change of climate in the room – our audience went from silent to intrigued in moments.  Our Chairman was impressed that Max went over and above the call of duty by arriving at the venue early, being willing to answer all questions from the audience with enthusiasm and staying at the end to mix and mingle with our audience.  Max is a very likeable person and his presence and presentation at our product launch brought something unique to the event and assisted in its success.”
Seeley International

We received many comments following Max’s presentation: The best speaker we have had at any of our conferences.  Made the talk relevant to the window industry.  Motivating for all attendees.  Now is the time for change and innovation, don’t be left behind and take the opportunities that come your way.  He was an excellent speaker and the session was very entertaining.  A natural speaker that puts forward his experiences in a most entertaining fashion.
Australian Window Association

“It’s going to be hard to top Max Walker, in a word “SENSATIONAL”.
It is true in what they say that when Max gets going it then becomes “Max’s Magic” and he lived up to all our expectations and more “Professional”, “Approachable” “and all round “Great Bloke”
WA Mechanical Services

“Excellent, MAX was entertaining and had great presence. His informal chat was enjoyed by everyone in the room”
Clemenger Harvie Edge

“Excellent Max Walker's presentation was very professional, humorous and well targeted to the group.”
Housing and Community Building
"Max Walker made the evening a professional and unique experience. His MC and PR skills were brilliant".
Copper Mines Tasmania

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