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Mike is an amazing comedy magician and hypnotist suitable for almost any event.  His trickery is an entertaining blend of illusion, personality, humour and sleight of hand skill.  He is young, quick-witted, interactive, passionate, engaging, and charming and he delivers a unique and memorable experience for your guests by helping them relax and be involved in something truly magical.

Mike’s amazing close up roving magic is clean, hilarious, and very sneaky. Mike engages with your guests using magic and mind trickery with cards, balls, coins, fire, napkins, money, rings, and other everyday items. Some of it is known to happen literally IN THE HANDS of the audience.

He also offers a mind blowing parlour style show performed in front of an audience, normally on stage or in a stage-like area. This informal show combines some magic classics with some modern twists and some mind trickery. A great option when offered as a stand-alone show or when combined with Mike’s close up magic.

Mike’s Comedy Hypnosis Show is remarkable. Mike uses volunteers from the audience (no stooges!) to make it memorable, educational and astounding. This full-blown show is fantastic for team building events, conferences, private parties or sporting clubs, really a sight to be seen!  You won’t believe your eyes as he puts complete strangers into a safe trance and has them forget their name, lose their bellybutton, or convince them they’re a celebrity.  Ideal for an audience size of 50 - 500 people.

Mike only performs well-rehearsed, polished and perfected trickery, but he’s always working on something new and exciting to include in future shows.  He conducts himself with integrity and always treats others with respect; he is punctual, polite, flexible, and easy to deal with.

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