Mixa - DJ, Sax and Percussion at the Sydney Film Festival
Mixa - DJ and Percussion

Brett Martin presents “Mixa“ - a collaboration of DJ’S, percussionists and saxophonists tailor made for the corporate special event arena and private parties.  Fusing dance music, club classics and dance floor favourites with live musicians brings the live band dynamic to your corporate event or private soiree, whilst creating an individual feel that is unique to the occasion.

With Brett Martin as DJ/instrumentalist alongside a selection of the finest Saxophonists, Percussionists and Vocalists, “Mixa” is a welcome addition to the established event DJ business.

The DJ works on a 5 hour call with the sax and percussion or vocalist being introduced once the dance floor builds two hours into the event for a 3.5 hour call.

“Mixa” can also be interactive and welcomes guests to jam with the group utilising instruments available.

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