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Trio stilt
stilt with trio
Carnivale stilts

The Kush Stilt Band

Big, bold, beautiful colours swirling above the crowd!! Circus gypsies play romantic tunes from around the world. From romantic tangos and waltzes, popular jazz tunes, to fun sing a longs, Kush Cabaret's stilt walking musicians lead audiences on a captivating journey through music and dance, wherever they roam. Available as a Trio or Quartet. 

Musical Maidens

In huge gorgeous costumes the musical maidens float above the crowd, playing their unique, exotic blend of popular classical, carnival and jazz music on clarinet and percussion.

Reminiscent of a gentler age, they interact and charm the audience with their divine music, politely quirky conversation, not to mention the occasional can-can!

From an outdoor festival to a formal dinner these beautiful Maidens (and occasional handsome Gent!) are suitable for all events. As a duo, trio or quartet, you will find this act a feast for the eyes and ears as they dazzle and delight audiences wherever they go. 


Lush, ornate and sequinned, masked stilt musicians or interactive masked ladies without music. 

Kush Circus

Balloon sculpting, stilt walking, clowning, ribbon twirling, fire eating and the circus band all in the one act! Let our musical circus entertain you playing your favorite carnival tunes in a blaze of hot pink fun.

◦Clarinet, percussion, ukelele and piano accordian
◦Duo,trio or quartet
◦A great package for any family day or themed event

Madame Grande

With her feather fans, Madame Grande dances, flirts and swirls to the beautiful music of her little side kick. 

The Ooh-la-la's

The Ooh-La-Las are a couple of saucy 18th Century burlesque girls guaranteed to spice up any occasion!

Optional extras include a French piano accordionist, providing even more atmosphere and fun. 

Kush Carnivale

Spontaneous Latin love songs, samba percussion, a zany Carmen Miranda character dancing to the beat. Kush can provide a range of Carnivale Stilt Roving musical acts from duos to sextets, an intimate walk around show to a full street parade. Let us put on our ruffles and feathers for you! Cha cha cha! 

If you would like more information, or to book Kush, please contact us


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